My one month travelling in Paris has ended and I can finally share some of my favorite places on where to eat, shop and walking around.​

What I love in Paris it’s that there is a lot going on, you can’t be bored. Between museums to visit, streets to explore, stores to shop and places to eat, by the time you would be done with one thing there is an other one to do. Luckily it’s the second time I’m travelling to Paris during Fashion week and the vibe is so cool! It’s probably the craziest time of the year between shows and events and you can feel it on the street. Trendy’s outfit on fashion people are taking over the Rue Saint-honoré and surroundings. Then the craziness stops and the “calm” (Paris calm?) is back until an other event, an other crazy week.​

Below you’ll find some of the places I went during the month and that I recommend.


Colette: a hype place to have lunch. Colette is a concept store in Saint-honoré with two floors dedicated to fashion with famous designers or designers to know and some super cool accessories and home items like books and candles (Colette is a place to see when in Paris specially if you’re into fashion). Down those two floors you can find Colette’s restaurant. PS: if you plan to go there any time soon I suggest you to hurry cause Colette is closing its doors end of December.​

DS Café: is a nice restaurant for an everyday healthy lunch. On the menu you’ll find salads, bagels, toasts and more. Enough to satisfy everyone. There are three restaurants : Paris 16 (rue de Sontay), Paris 17 (avenue Niel), Boulogne (rue Gallieni).​

La Cevicheria: a place that I recommend for those who love everything ceviche. They have a large choice of ceviche and some very tasty sides like the sweet potatoes puree with cheddar (so Yummy!). Where to find la Cevicheria : Paris 2 (rue Bachaumont), Paris 10 (rue Martel), Paris 17 (avenue Niel).​

Cucuzza: cause we all love pizza ! My favorite italian restaurant in Paris. Located on rue des moines (Paris 17) cucuzza is a very cute restaurant with on the menu : a large choice of pizza made with love and fresh products only!​​


Season: my favorite brunch. For brunch or for lunch Season is a very cool place where you can enjoy an healthy meal with a north american touch. If you think about to go there expect to wait for a table as they don’t take reservations and its very crowded (specially on sunday). But if you are a healthy food lover you’ll not be disappointed.​


Manko: Manko is an amazing Peruvian restaurant located in avenue Montaigne. The experience starts straight when you walk into the restaurant with the beautiful interior design. From the dinner to the cabaret Manko restaurant is a must to do in Paris.​


Rue Saint-Honoré: after a lunch at Colette you can enjoy a little shopping time in rue Saint-Honoré where you can find most of the luxury brands but also some most affordable.

Avenue Montaigne: let’s be honest this is the most beautiful avenue in Paris. To shop or to walk Avenue Montaigne is the street where you’ll find all the luxury brands you dream about.

Galeries Lafayette: as the weather can be very naughty in Paris here is a good place for a few hours of shopping. Galeries Lafayettes is located boulevard Haussman (Paris 9) and is gathering over than 800 brands with shoes, clothes and cosmetics. And if there is a brand missing you’ll probably find it next door at Printemps.

Bon Marché: as Galeries Lafayette, Bon Marché is gathering hundreds brands in rue de Sèvres (Paris 7). Less crowded, it’s way more enjoyable.