We are home which means for the first time in a while we will be back to coats and heavy sweaters. How good is that ! I’m actually surprised as I was expecting to be frozen but the weather is pretty cool here. The fact that I’m leaving in the south of France might be a good reason hahaha. Anyway we will soon travel to Saint-Barth again and I’m pretty happy with it as we really enjoyed the last month we spent there.

Since my 20’s I’ve been very lucky as I’m travelling a lot. It’s only a small part of this wide world but still, I discovered some amazing places where I will always go back to and Wynwood art district is one of them. There is something fascinating into street art and Wynwood is full of it. It’s like a huge outdoors gallery with art every corner. Imagine how big it is : 80 000 square feet (7432m2) of walls filled of graffitis from over than 50 artists. When 9 years ago it was just a stock of warehouses buildings. It now became one of the coolest neighborhood !​

I’ve always been impressed by street art. The way artists expresse their art, see and represent life and sometimes spread love with a simple but powerful message on a side walk. I mean there is not even a seconde where you won’t stop walking open-mouthed.​

If you pass by Miami you definitly need to had this on your list. There is no other places like this on Earth. And one of the best advice I can give you is to save an entire afternoon as you will find the coolest bars and restaurants and last but not least amazing stores to shop vintage or not !

For this outfit I chose to keep that street style vibe and pair my favorite leather skirt with my Mango’s romance t-shirt. I brought this skirt few years ago and I actually worn it a million times already. Leather skirt is the piece we all have in our closet. For dinner, during the day, casual or dressed up, with a comfy sweater or a shirt there are plenty of options and I can’t get over it. And for a slender silhouette nothing better than my Saint Laurent high heels.

T-shirt : Mango

Skirt : The Kooples (similar here & here & here)

Shoes : Saint Laurent