Oh Tulum, you’re far but you’re so worth it !

Tulum is like the postal card you’ve seen and always dreamt about. The sand is white and soft, and the sea as beautiful as the beach.

We were looking for deep relaxation with no work. Just the two of us disconecting from the world and we knew we were at the right place straight when we woke up.

It’s 5 :30am jet lag is real but it’s okay.

I open the curtains and OH MY…

The sunrise is breathtaking !

We were staying at the beautiful Nomade hotel. It’s an a gorgeous hotel and actually one of the most beautiful hotel I’ve been to with the Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza. What I love with this king of hotels it’s that you’re living an experience ! From the interior design (bohemian inspired here) to the entertainment. The Nomade suggest you different activities starting early in the morning with some yoga and meditation class till’ late with music concerts. All of these are for you to live the perfect Tulum experience.

Tulum is not just a beautiful beach it’s a lifestyle. And if like us you are looking for a travel to relax body and mind then I suggest you to not hesitate anymore. It’s the place !

Hat: Lack of color

Bag: Saboskirt

Hair Care Products: Gisou

Playsuit: Saboskirt Shoes: Raye