Hello from Paris, I hope everyone is enjoying the first weeks of fall, personally after a month here in Paris I can’t complain. October is almost done and I still see some people wearing shorts and T-shirts. How crazy is that ? But let’s talk about today’s post.

This outfit is well defining my everyday look : casual, sporty, chic. Starting with this burgundy coat that I bought last month on sale on Maje’s website. Very structured it actually makes the look by itself and doesn’t need to be too accessorized. Burgundy is a color that I love but I actually never really worn it until now (expect lingerie). I chose to pair it with a simple white T-shirt and one of my favorite jeans from Allsaints from years ago. I can’t count the time I wore this jeans and as fringes are very trendy  I think it will stay on the stack of my favorites for a while.

As you might know, we are walking a lot during the day so sneakers are the kind of shoes I often wear. I recently found these white Kenzo sneakers that I love, I wore them a lot in Paris and guess what ? They’re still white ! Thank you to this Nappa leather which is amazing as it helps to protect the shoes from rain, sun damaged and stain.

Coat: Maje

Jeans: Allsaints

Shoes: Kenzo

Necklace: Anartxy